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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gaik Yap : Cannie Ong Revisited

The latest brutal rape cum murder of Gaik Yap drew an eerie parallel to the death of Canny Ong in 2004. Such sadistic murderers must be tracked down before another innocent victim succumbs to these lustful and vicious individuals. The last minutes of Gaik Yap's life is perhaps unimaginable and for her sake, I hope that she was already unconcious at that time.

This vicious attack must have been planned and co-ordinated, perhaps by individuals who knew of her routine. It was done swiftly as her younger sister who was only 100 meters behind did not notice any untoward incidences. It was likely that the laceration wound to her head was a result of an initial direct blow which perhaps rendered her unconcious and unable to shout for help or put up a struggle. That was probably not the fatal blow but the slash to the neck which apparently almost severed her neck probably was. It would be difficult to understand the need to severe her neck. Did she put up a struggle after?

This event serves as a reminder to women not to throw caution to the wind. Letting one's guard down can prove detrimental and in this case, fatal. Choosing jogging routes is important and isolated stretches should best be avoided. Pepper sprays are only the last resort if earlier precautions have failed, as they are useless unless they are perfectly aimed at the face. Going in groups will help.

Gaik Yap made a fatal mistake of running so far ahead of her younger sister. If she was not captured, perhaps her younger sister would have been.

With such a promising life cruelly snuffed out, the only consolation would be to bring the perpetrators to justice. They should not be granted any compassion in sentencing. In the meantime, such anger should be channeled into identifying these evil beasts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you done a case study of why Canny was murdered? She was meeting somebody she knew at the car park, that why she returned to the car park. To leave the parking spaces and getting out of the barriers without being noticed is ridiculious. Gambling Debts, blackmail, sex and ministers or high authority people are part of the game.

4:31 AM  

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