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Friday, January 02, 2009

Better Road Safety

It is commendable that the Government is enforcing back seat passengers into belting up. Such a move may seem an inconvenience but it will certainly safe someone's life in the long run. There is more that can be done.

Compulsory installation of airbags should be strictly enforced in all vehicles. Local manufacturers have been exempted from installing this safety feature purportedly to keep the cost of the vehicle down. Many more lives can be saved by having airbags installed.

Minimum safety standards should be set before a vehicle is allowed on Malaysian roads. Results from crash tests should be scrutinised and safety recommendations be seriously considered. We know that many vehicles on our roads are death traps with poor design and inadequate safety features. Exported models are fitted with better safety mechanisms to fulfill international standards but unfortunately, local car manufacturers believe that Malaysians can live with a lower standard. Such nonsense should stop immediately.

Road conditions are paramount to safety. Pot holes and poorly maintained roads and signages can contribute to accidents. Better traffic systems should also be studied to improve traffic flow and avoid unnecessary bottlenecks and crisscrossing of vehicles.

If the Government is serious about car safety to the extent that inflated summons are issued to any violations, then they should look into other aspects of car safety as well. Let not the effort stop at just rear passenger seat belts.


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