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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dirty Politics

Prying into one's private life and exposing it in such a heinous way is despicable. There should be a concerted effort in condemning such a trend in the strongest way possible. Publishing private photographs without prior permission is punishable under the law and is illegal. But who cares about being legal these days?

The takeover of Perak was clearly against the constitution. Sultan Azlan Shah showed little wisdom befitting that of a former Lord President. There was clearly no majority for either Barisan or Pakatan. Independants are just that .. independants. Verbal assurances of loyalty is definitely not legally binding. Their allegiance to Barisan should have been tested in a vote of no confidence in the State Assembly. To cut the story short, the takeover was more incorrect than correct.

The perpetrator who pictured Elizabeth Wong and distributing her photographs without her consent should be named and prosecuted. No politician should support and endorse such political blackmail. Those who do, are unfortunately, shallow minded thinking only of their political survival, even if it means sinking to pathetic depths.

To Elizabeth, such unwelcomed humiliation has raped your political character to the very core. Be strong and fight the urge to scurry to your corner in self pity. Instead display and flaunt your substance and show Malaysians the reason why Pakatan can take over the Federal Government come the next General Election.


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